Gus - A triple cream cow's milk cheese

The Gus is the big cousin to our Galactic. Made with triple cream from Gippsland Jersey cows. It is a lactic curd cheese with a geotricum rind (white mould rind). The geotricum rind is different to the standard white mould rind, being more delicate and faster to establish in the maturing room.

When Jack was 16 years old, he started adventuring in Tasmania. He and his mates would hike into the pristine wilderness or take advantage of the mountain biking trails. They would always visit Jack's big cousin Gus. Gus would give them a place to stay and a feed. He was a lover of good food and cheese. Gus is no longer around, but Jack keeps his memory alive with this velvety, decadent cheese.

Cheese Gus

Home Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

Milk Cow's milk

What do I look like? 200g wheel

Fat content 30%

Rennet Non animal

Flavour Yeasty bread flavours, cream

Body - Soft, delicate and creamy