The Curfew - A semi-hard goat's milk cheese

The flavour is rich and complex with tones of roasted nuts and a buttery, caramel finish that leaves you wanting more.

This was the first new cheese Jack made when he launched full-time into Stone and Crow amid the chaos of Victoria's hard lock-down in 2020. With his worker’s permit in hand, he’d venture into the eerily quiet night, well past curfew, to work alone in our factory. He reflects, ‘With the echoes of my cheese-monger friends asking for an Australian, semi-hard goat’s cheese to be made, I created the comfort food everyone was craving.’

Cheese The Curfew

Home Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

Milk Goat's milk

How old am I? 3-6 months

What do I look like? 2kg wheel (also sold in 100g wedges)

Fat content 18%

Rennet Non animal

Flavour Roasted nuts

Body Semi-hard


[Image Description: A large triangle of semi-hard cheese lies on it’s back waiting to be devoured. A sharp knife is at the ready.]