Joe Crow - A semi-hard cow's milk cheese

Joe Crow is a mild, creamy cow’s milk cheese that is perfect for melting and sure to please the whole family. Joe Crow is a semi-hard cheese with a supple and springy texture, an earthy smell and an umami flavour that lingers long after the cheese has been devoured.

Joe Crow is crafted using a slow fermentation method. The curd is heated during the cheese-making, but not pressed afterwards. This ensures the cheese retains moisture which influences its texture. The cheese rind is carefully washed every day for the first week and then washed twice a week until ready.

Cheese Joe Crow

Home Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

Milk Cow’s milk

How old am I? 3–6 months

What do I look like? 2kg wheel (also sold in 100g wedges)

Fat content 33%

Rennet Non animal

Flavour Mild and savoury

Body Supple and springy

[Image Description: A golden yellow section of cheese sits on a marble bench top. It is textured and firm with a rind that has been aged well.]