Goat Fig - A fresh goat's milk cheese

The Goat Fig is a fresh, light, goat’s milk cheese. It has a tangy piquancy and a mousse-like texture. The delicate character and citrus qualities pair perfectly with summer-ripened tomatoes and garden-fresh basil. Recreate your own version of the French staple, chevre chaud, by grilling generous amounts of Goat Fig on sourdough and serving with a garden salad.

The Goat Fig dollop is a lactic overnight set. The curds are drained then shaped into figs. Delicious!

Cheese Goat Fig

Home Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

Milk Goat’s milk

How old am I? Fresh

What do I look like? A fig! An 80g bundle of fresh cheese formed into a fig shape.

Rennet Non animal

Flavour Mild and citrusy 

Body Mousse-like and spreadable


[Image Description: A plump dollop of fresh white goats cheese sits on a small circular block. There is a cheese knife with a white handle nearby.]