Galactic - A young, delicate cow's milk cheese

Galactic cheese is like a little star in the Milky Way! It is a cow's milk lactic curd cheese with a geotricum rind (white mould rind). The geotricum rind is different to the standard white mould rind, being more delicate and faster to establish in the maturing room. Because this cheese is so young it reflects what the cow's milk is currently doing... i.e. what the cows are eating and how the season is unfolding.

Cheese Galactic

Home Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

Milk Cow's milk

How old am I? 1-2 weeks old

What do I look like? Small 40g disc

Fat Content 17%

Rennet Non animal

Flavour Yeasty, bread flavours with some acidity.

Body Soft and delicate


[Image Description: A perfect disc of white cheese is being cut in half on a circular white marble cutting board. There is some cheese on the cutting knife that seems to be calling for you to taste it. There are some cracker-breads nearby ready to use!]