Four Pillars Moonshine - Matured cow's cheese washed in Four Pillars Gin distillate

During the cheese making process the cheese is washed with Four Pillars Gin Distillate. This fills the cheese room with lovely aromas of gin and gives the cheese a big botanical punch. The cheese is aged on wood and washed twice a week. The natural rind is formed every time the cheese is washed and flipped.

Cheese Four Pillars Moonshine

Home Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

Milk Cow's milk

How Old Am I? 3 -6 months

What do I look like? Semi hard 2Kg wheel

Fat Content 30%

Rennet Non animal

Flavour  Floral, juniper and pasture, mild

Body semi-hard, springy


[Image Description: A cheese that has been washed in Four Pillars Gin is ready for consumption… there are cut pieces and a view of the whole wheel. It is a magnificent yellow and you can almost smell the floral gin flavours.]