Amiel - French inspired goat cheese

This special, halo-shaped goat’s cheese is a lactic curd, surface ripened with a sprinkle of ash. It has a light, fudgy texture with a delicate, enticing rind. The dark ash peeks through the white bloom and this, combined with the unique shape, makes Amiel the perfect addition to any cheese board.

Remember a summer when you worked crazy hours, partied like there was no tomorrow, slept for a few hours and then got up and did it all again? Well for Jack, that summer was when he lived in Amiel in the South of France, making cheese. Amiel is a cheese to celebrate the times in our lives when we enjoy every moment.

Cheese Amiel

Home  Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

Milk Goat's milk

How old am I? 1-4 weeks old

What do I look like? 130g halo

 Fat content? 13%

Rennet Non animal

Flavour Citrus, yeast, cream

Body Soft, fudgy


[Image Description: A donut shaped cheese dusted with a dark ash is sliced.  The cheese sits in a little cardboard circle next to an antique knife and bread.]